Bridal Makeup: Selecting a Theme

How to Select a Theme for Your Bridal Makeup.jpg

Selecting a Theme

There is no right or wrong when selecting a theme. It is YOUR wedding day. As a matter of fact, your theme or ideas DO NOT have to fit into the box of a particular theme. You can totally create some sort of hybrid-theme. Below are a few things to think about when creating a theme.


Creating a Bridal Theme (Things to Consider):

  • Where will your wedding take place?
  • Will the wedding be outdoors? (a church, a park, the beach?)
  • What time will your wedding be?
  • morning looks will differ from nighttime looks
  • Is there a particular time period you have already modeled your dress or ceremony after?
  • Google 20’s themed wedding looks, you may have some fun!
  • How much makeup do you wear daily?
  • Don’t stray too far from your norm. If you are normally a basic makeup type of girl (or none at all!), you may not want loads of makeup with a smokey eye!

Theme Ideas/Categories:

As mentioned, your wedding theme DOES NOT have to fit into these categories. But here are a few styles and themes to get your brain wheels turning.

BOHO: This style fits beach and outdoor weddings perfectly! Think light, peachy, luminous, etc.

GLAMOUR: This style is for the girl who loves drama and glam! Think, full colored lips, smokey eye, shimmer, bronzer, false lashes, etc.

VINTAGE: Choose any time period, google some looks and fall in love...with makeup all over again!

CHIC BEAUTY: This style fits the Bride who doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis. This style focuses on clear skin and an overall clean look. This is wear your skincare regimen will come in handy!

I actually wrote a full lendggth guide to help you with your wedding makeup. You can download it for free HERE.